Computer Technology ( Ct101) Reflection

What Did I enjoy about the course?

I enjoyed being able to explore letting all my creativity run wild. The one thing that I enjoyed most was that there was no limitations and we were able to explore and create images in whatever liking and aspects that we wished. My favorite project that we had to do was turning a portrait to a Giphy.

In this Project We had to choose an image of ourselves or anything or anyone else and turn it into a giphy. I liked this project in particular because it was not demanding I got to play around and explore with the animations and filters. And came out with a image that I was so pleased with and never even thought I had the creative capacity to create

The challenges That I faced

The Challenges That I faced when taking CT101 was not being able to open up and be as creative as I wanted to be. I often found myself doing the work just to do it and get it over with, and that mentality was hard for me to overcome and break out of. I struggled with grasping the concept of photoshop and became frustrated because I wanted everything to be perfect and just done.

What I learned and What I am taking with me After the Completion of The course

I learnt that I am creative, and that sometimes it is important to explore and be more open, i learnt not to take work as seriously, and stop worrying so much about getting the work done and over with, to wanting to create more gifs or even having ideas with how I wanted to Disfigure an image and add editions and effects to it. After CT101 the skill that I will be taking is the skills of graphic designs, a better understanding of photoshop and over just the skill and mindset of being more open understanding things rather than putting it off and being like I’m not going to be any good at this or I just want to get it over with. I will definitely maintain my website because at first when I created it, I did not know what I wanted to discuss or what my platform would be, but now I have found my voice and I know that I want to share my life and my diagnoses, even advices in the hopes of making a change or difference in someones life

I think over all I deserve an A due to the fact that I was very consistent with all of my work, attended every session, and also my work has become more creative and I have grown more in a creative aspect and mindset.

What is Body Positivity? Why is it important?

Body Positivity is defined as a social movement focused on the belief that every single human being should withhold a positive body image, while so challenging the ways in which society shows and looks at the human body.

I believe that it is crucial to have body positivity. The reasons for this is because by loving ourselves, changes happen when individuals begin to acknowledge they can adore themselves as they are directly at this time. It’s significant on the grounds that such a large number of individuals have lost their lives to dietary problems. It’s significant in light of the fact that there is so a lot of mind blowing excellence in the assorted variety of individuals on this planet and we have the right to see and experience everything. It’s significant on the grounds that we need the entirety of our vitality and assets to be put towards improving the world a spot, not squandered on regretting about or potentially attempting to consummate our bodies. While our work is for individuals everything being equal, we feel that it is particularly significant right presently to assist ladies with venturing into their capacity so together we can move the dominating society of our general public.

My Struggles With Body Dysmorphia

I have been diagnosed with Body Dysmorphia, It is when a person cannot stop thinking about their appearance.

Having Body Dysmorphia is definitely a challenge and hard to over come as it is a mental state of mind and medication does not serve as a solution. I never really knew that I had body dysmorphia I just always thought that I was just being harsh on myself just like any girl would be, The Only difference was it was not only affecting my happiness but also my Mental and Physical health I would just consume one meal per day, even with the consumption of one meal, just one thought would cause me to feel so much guilt just for eating something, so my body would not shut down on me. The guilt had become so severe to a point where I would Throw up the food I ate and not eat anything throughout the rest of the day. The habit of not eating became something that not only took a toll on my mental and physical health but even had an impact on my every day life such as college and work. I would almost become so light headed that I nearly passed out during work. I was just shutting myself out from the world and my loved ones. I just did not want to be here anymore .

Self Love is not something that happens over night, and definitely something that I still struggle with But I am working on and taking steps to getting there. I began seeing a therapist a recommended by my doctor which at first I refused, because I thought that me seeing a therapist would mean that there is actually something wrong with me, so I declined her offer, I still saw a reoccurrence of self hatred and starving my self or eating too little because of the guilt and shame I felt. I decided that it was time to make a change, I signed up to see a therapist. Seeing a therapist has been one of the best choices that I have made personally and it helped me start to take steps and dive in deeper to where this feeling of hatred and self loathing first originated from.

“Repeat to yourself : My Life is great. I am Great. Everything is happening for me. All of the things that I am currently experiencing are only taking me to the next level of my life. I am Growing. I am getting better. I choose to believe in sudden miracles and unexpected blessings.”

Self love starts with you It is something that is very crucial and accepting help does not make you weak but makes you even stronger for realizing that you deserve better, and that you deserve to have the best image of yourself as possible.


On this day of gratitude. Years ago the pilgrims celebrated their harvest. The feast lasted three days which included the native americans. For our family thanksgiving we were having salmon, turkey, pie, and cheesecakes some of our favorites. My mom was making Caribbean food (chicken curry, roti, duck curry and dhal). I made cinnamon rolls. My cinnamon rolls are usually the best that you can’t stop eating it. As everything was on the verge of finishing. We prepared to table. The table cloth was a filled with colorful leaves. I help set the table as i waited for my family to come over. I was the designated DJ for the dinner. So i turned the music on and waited for everyones arrival. As everyone started coming in we greeted them. My mom gave a thanksgiving toast and the dinner began. I was great a evening the food was tasty and everyone had a great time.

🐻 Trip To the Bronx Zoo 🐻

“In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful.” – Alice Walker

My Boyfriend and I Decided to take a trip to the Bronx Zoo. Since we both have not been since we , were both in elementary school.


The Zoo is perfect for a date, and also a great and safe place to take children

The Bird Exhibits were filled with different species of birds, I was especially excited to see the flamingos, I always found it so fascinating that these beautiful iridescent birds are born with grey feathers, but due to their diet and the food they consume their feather start to become a reddish pink complexion.

My Favorite part of going to the Bronx Zoo was the bird exhibit, and running into a bird that looked exactly like a character from one of my favorite movies Finding Dory.

Becky from Finding Dory

She’s such a character fun, very hyper and naturally goofy. She caught our attention because of how different she is from the other birds. She had a group of people gathering to see her. She was doing this dance It reminds of the scene in the movie with the seals when they had told her she can sit on their rock if she gives them the bucket; but when she was going to they started to yell out “No Becky”. They look very similar in appearance the head,beak and has that confused look.

The butterfly Garden

There over ten different types of species. Ranging from small from very large. Each species has of butterfly stick together. They have a nectar area where they come together to eat. It was like an outside meadow experience there was trees, flowers, leaves and branches. One of the butterfly landed on my hand. It was ticklish feeling. The beauty and color of this butterfly was so unique.

Overall my experience was wonderful. I was so overwhelmed with how many different animals there was and how large the zoo was. I would go again and vist Becky.



What a better way to spend the weekend, than enjoying everything CHEETOS. From Cheetos inspired hairstyles, Cheetos inspired makeup, nails, different varieties of Cheetos, and even Cheetos inspired DRINKSSSS!!!

The first thing that I had done was my hair, in the style “Cheeto Waves.” The licensed Beautician and hair specialist, curled my hair with the wand very intricately, after she asked me to choose my accessory, I chose a hair pin that had a bag of Hot Cheetos which was super cute. She then at the end added red hair color (semi- permanent to the ends of my hair, giving it that Cheetos dust effect.

Cheeto Waves
Happy Hour !!!
“The Hot Cheeto Sunrise”
Hot Cheeto Sunrise

The Art Of Photoshop

When Altering an image using Photoshop it is definitely not as easy as it may seem. Photo shopping takes patience, creativity and just being open minded and relaxed. It’s all about experimenting with different tools and filters. For this image I was inspired by the Zine project, this projects objective is “Technology and creativity are powerful tools for fueling communication, inspiration, digital-storytelling and design.” I started with an image of a television because the television is one of the biggest form of communication, and the modern form of propaganda. Communication is projected through t.v shows, lifetime movies, news, broadcast, weather updates etc… I then went to the filter gallery and darkened the image. Then proceeded to find another image I was not sure at first as to what that would be but once I started to edit and just stopped thinking and let my creativity flow I came up with the Idea of having hands popping out of the television screen , as if it was reaching out to the audience to spread the importance of technology through communication. To add the animation, and illusion of the hands coming out of the screen I had to use the crop, lasso tool to crop out the original background of the television and then proceeded by adding the hand layer by copy and pasting on to the TV This was definitely a fun project to help open up and explore your level of creativity I highly recommend it .