🐻 Trip To the Bronx Zoo 🐻

“In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful.” – Alice Walker

My Boyfriend and I Decided to take a trip to the Bronx Zoo. Since we both have not been since we , were both in elementary school.


The Zoo is perfect for a date, and also a great and safe place to take children

The Bird Exhibits were filled with different species of birds, I was especially excited to see the flamingos, I always found it so fascinating that these beautiful iridescent birds are born with grey feathers, but due to their diet and the food they consume their feather start to become a reddish pink complexion.

My Favorite part of going to the Bronx Zoo was the bird exhibit, and running into a bird that looked exactly like a character from one of my favorite movies Finding Dory.

Becky from Finding Dory

She’s such a character fun, very hyper and naturally goofy. She caught our attention because of how different she is from the other birds. She had a group of people gathering to see her. She was doing this dance It reminds of the scene in the movie with the seals when they had told her she can sit on their rock if she gives them the bucket; but when she was going to they started to yell out “No Becky”. They look very similar in appearance the head,beak and has that confused look.

The butterfly Garden

There over ten different types of species. Ranging from small from very large. Each species has of butterfly stick together. They have a nectar area where they come together to eat. It was like an outside meadow experience there was trees, flowers, leaves and branches. One of the butterfly landed on my hand. It was ticklish feeling. The beauty and color of this butterfly was so unique.

Overall my experience was wonderful. I was so overwhelmed with how many different animals there was and how large the zoo was. I would go again and vist Becky.


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