Computer Technology ( Ct101) Reflection

What Did I enjoy about the course?

I enjoyed being able to explore letting all my creativity run wild. The one thing that I enjoyed most was that there was no limitations and we were able to explore and create images in whatever liking and aspects that we wished. My favorite project that we had to do was turning a portrait to a Giphy.

In this Project We had to choose an image of ourselves or anything or anyone else and turn it into a giphy. I liked this project in particular because it was not demanding I got to play around and explore with the animations and filters. And came out with a image that I was so pleased with and never even thought I had the creative capacity to create

The challenges That I faced

The Challenges That I faced when taking CT101 was not being able to open up and be as creative as I wanted to be. I often found myself doing the work just to do it and get it over with, and that mentality was hard for me to overcome and break out of. I struggled with grasping the concept of photoshop and became frustrated because I wanted everything to be perfect and just done.

What I learned and What I am taking with me After the Completion of The course

I learnt that I am creative, and that sometimes it is important to explore and be more open, i learnt not to take work as seriously, and stop worrying so much about getting the work done and over with, to wanting to create more gifs or even having ideas with how I wanted to Disfigure an image and add editions and effects to it. After CT101 the skill that I will be taking is the skills of graphic designs, a better understanding of photoshop and over just the skill and mindset of being more open understanding things rather than putting it off and being like I’m not going to be any good at this or I just want to get it over with. I will definitely maintain my website because at first when I created it, I did not know what I wanted to discuss or what my platform would be, but now I have found my voice and I know that I want to share my life and my diagnoses, even advices in the hopes of making a change or difference in someones life

I think over all I deserve an A due to the fact that I was very consistent with all of my work, attended every session, and also my work has become more creative and I have grown more in a creative aspect and mindset.

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