The Art Of Photoshop

When Altering an image using Photoshop it is definitely not as easy as it may seem. Photo shopping takes patience, creativity and just being open minded and relaxed. It’s all about experimenting with different tools and filters. For this image I was inspired by the Zine project, this projects objective is “Technology and creativity are powerful tools for fueling communication, inspiration, digital-storytelling and design.” I started with an image of a television because the television is one of the biggest form of communication, and the modern form of propaganda. Communication is projected through t.v shows, lifetime movies, news, broadcast, weather updates etc… I then went to the filter gallery and darkened the image. Then proceeded to find another image I was not sure at first as to what that would be but once I started to edit and just stopped thinking and let my creativity flow I came up with the Idea of having hands popping out of the television screen , as if it was reaching out to the audience to spread the importance of technology through communication. To add the animation, and illusion of the hands coming out of the screen I had to use the crop, lasso tool to crop out the original background of the television and then proceeded by adding the hand layer by copy and pasting on to the TV This was definitely a fun project to help open up and explore your level of creativity I highly recommend it .

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